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For all my corporate gals, powerhouse women entrepreneurs, fierce women doing ambitious and purposeful work in the world - you were created to stand OUT! Throughout the years, so many of us have struggled for so long to fit IN. We have tried doing all the things that we were told will make us successful. Say THESE things. Wear THAT. Do THIS. We are given the ’formula’ for what it looks like to BE successful. We tried so hard to ’look the part’. Well - I call BS. I believe each of us were created within our own original design. A design that was never intended to fit in - but rather was created to stand OUT. You have big ideas. To do big things in this world. And I want to help you do that by using Color & Style as a tool to stand OUT in a way that suits YOU. Authentically. Intentionally. In your own magnificence. On this podcast, I share tips, tools, strategies and fun ways to create a look & style that is in alignment with YOUR goals & ambitions. I’m here cheering you on as your biggest FAN!

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Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

This week's topic is a DOOZY and one that I've been thinking a LOT about!!  The condition of your closet is literally a reflection of what's going on in your life.  If it's a mess, disorganized and bursting at the seams -- chances are you feeling the same way in your life!!  In this week's episode I break down 5 ways that the approach to your closet is likely a mirror to how you are approaching the goals & dreams in your life.  I'd love to know -- what does your closet represent??!!!
In this episode, I mention my online color analysis tool which you can find HERE.  I also mention that I'm available for closet audits which you can inquire about HERE.
Happy closet cleaning!!! ;-)

Sunday May 19, 2024

Y'all - having a personal brand is KEY regardless of whether you are in a corporate environment, have a side hustle, or are going ALL IN as an entrepreneur.  A personal brand is what sets us APART and in this week's episode we spill all the deets on what a personal brand is, why it matters, and what you can do to create your very own!
And I would LOVE to help you with the style component of your brand so that you can show UP as the powerhouse woman that you are!!  You can find out more about the services that I offer here on my website:  Ms Tammy Hickey

Sunday Mar 24, 2024

Y'all - we've been talking a lot about the style sweet spot this month, and this week I set the context for what the style sweet spot is truly all about:  allowing your inner beauty to shine through!!  We talk through practical ways in which you can build, develop & strengthen your inner beauty so that it shines through!!  THIS is what it's all about!!
PS - the Discover Your Brand of Shine is coming UP on April 4th and I would LOVE to see you there!  Click HERE to pre-register and reserve your seat!  

Sunday Mar 17, 2024

All month long we are talking about the foundation of the Style Sweet Spot and this week I share a story about a little girl....  Perhaps you can relate to her and what she believed for a looong time.  Yet now she is rewriting her story, and creating her own brand of SHINE, thanks to the Style Sweet Spot!  Have a listen and shoot me a DM on ID -  I'd love to hear how you relate!!  
DATE CHANGE:  The date has been rescheduled for the FREE Style Sweet Spot Workshop!  It's now on Thursday, April 4th at 7:00 pm EST!  Be sure to pre-register HERE and bring a friend!!  

Sunday Mar 10, 2024

Yay for episode 50!!  In this milestone episode, I walk you through my absolutely FAV topic and that is my 3 step process to discovering your brand of SHINE!! I believe beauty is truly an inside out job, which is why doing the inner work is so critical!  This simple 3 step journey is pivotal to discovering a style that is all your own - your unique Style Sweet Spot!!
If you are interested in joining us for the FREE 'Discovering Your Brand of Shine' workshop, join our waitlist HERE!  and bring a friend!!  It's going to be life changing!!
Cheering you ON!

Sunday Feb 18, 2024

Hey hey powerhouse friend - As busy, professional women we are always on the lookout for tools and resources to make our lives simpler and easier, without sacrificing quality or distracting from what we are called to do.  Well this week I'm introducing you to your new BFF:  the Capsule Wardrobe!  I share how this has become so powerful in my life and share my top 10 reasons why it can be YOUR secret weapon too!
If you want to learn more about the Closet Outfit Planner tool, the capsule wardrobe resource created by Style by Color, you can find out more and subscribe HERE.
If you want to learn more about the Signature Style Statement process, listen to this episode HERE, and then download the FREE worksheet HERE.

Sunday Feb 11, 2024

Spring is in the AIR (did you hear that Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow??) and we are spilling all the DEETS on Style Trends for Spring!!  I cover all the key trends for patterns, textures, shoes, bags, accessories, style & denim - SO fun!!
If you want to take the FREE Style Personality Quiz referenced in this episode, you can find that HERE.
If you want to purchase this year's subscription to the NEW & IMPROVED Closet Outfit Planner, you can find that HERE.
Happy Almost Spring!!

Sunday Feb 04, 2024

Y'all - this conversation with Tedx Portsmouth Producer and the owner of The Hired Pens, Anna Goldsmith, was a highlight for me!  Anna walks us through the Tedx audition process:  from submitting your initial BIG IDEA, to the auditions, and finally preparing for the big stage and why stage presence and STYLE is key to delivering your message effectively.  SO fun!
You can learn more about Anna and The Hired Pens HERE.
You can learn more about her Big Idea Workshop HERE.
If you are interested in her 1:1 Speech Writing Services, you can find that HERE.
And don't forget to save the date of March 8th in order to get your tickets for this year's Tedx Portsmouth event!  They will sell out FAST!  See you there!

Sunday Jan 28, 2024

Helloo my friend!  We are continuing our conversation this week on the power of Authenticity by talking through ways we can use STYLE as a tool to stand out authentically!  THIS is the key for why I do what I do and truly believe this is how we, as powerful female leaders in our field - whether it's in the corporate world, as a business owner, as a leader in your church or community, or in your home - were designed to stand OUT and not fit in.  We all were created ON purpose and FOR a purpose, and it's OUR time to step out boldly and LIVE that and style can help!!
In the episode, I refer to my Style & Shine experience which you can find out more about HERE.
Don't forget about my FREE Color Code Quiz that you can find HERE; and also my FREE Style Personality Quiz that you can find HERE.  These are great fun tools to get you started!!
xoxo - here's to stepping out authentically!!

Authenticity in ACTION

Sunday Jan 21, 2024

Sunday Jan 21, 2024

Hey powerful friend!  AUTHENTICITY is what we all crave and what we all aspire to be as powerful, ambitious woman who want to make a difference in our communities and in our world!  In this week's episode, we talk about what true authenticity is and what it looks like in ACTION!  I'd love to know which one appeals to you on a SOUL level the most??
I'd love to know too:  what does true authenticity look like to YOU?  Let's talk about it on the socials!  Come and join the conversation over on IG!


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